Business Intelligence

Greatest Hits

Most people are too busy to read business books. So this course summarises the thinking in them. I read and summarise them so you don’t have to.  

The format is deliberately arranged to be as fair as possible: what the book says, what’s good about it, and what you have to watch, summarised on one page per book. 

This makes attendees mini experts on business and marketing theory, and encourages them to decide how the thinking could be applied to developing their business. 

Typical Running Order

We assemble a team of no fewer than 6 and no more than 15 people.

I begin by asking attendees to think about what the main issues are that are currently concerning them. 

We record these on the wall, helping me to direct material and discussion to the right topics throughout the day.

I explain the concept of Greatest Hits – distilled thinking from the best minds in business and marketing, reduced to a pithy format that you can grasp fast.

We then turn to the list of books that we have agreed are likely to be most helpful to the matter in hand.

I begin by asking who has heard of book x, and who has read it. I explain what is in the book and we discuss it.

After a robust debate, I ask attendees to think about how this thinking can be applied to their business.

Typically this will generate 6-10 ideas or initiatives, all of which are recorded on the wall.

We repeat this process for 6-10 books.

By the end, we have recorded on average 100 initiatives that can be applied to the business straightaway. The larger the group, the more ideas.