Create – Educate – Donate

We are a Training, Education and Business Development company that creates thoughtful books and products for smart business brains with a conscience.

In 2022 we became a Certified B Corp. Our company purpose is to create, educate and donate.

Our suite of training, educational and advisory products are designed to suit all business needs and resources.

  • If you have no money, there are 10 blogs with a range of videos, podcasts, example techniques and templates to download. Plus The PLANET System® sustainability self-audit is free, generating an ESG report in less than a minute. And our online academy allows you to download courses and modules to replicate some of our in-person training wherever you are in the world.
  • If you have a little money, there are a set of books, ebooks, and audiobooks to buy for less than £10.
  • If you have £50-1000, The Aces System® skills typology and self-improvement platform for individuals costs just £49. The PLANET System® suite of online products also contain a Learn option at £49 and the full PLANET Pro platform for just £600.
  • If you have a modest company budget, then one or two workshops for a few thousand pounds might do the trick.
  • If you are a larger company with a five-figure budget, then we can run full training programmes for large numbers of staff, or provide consultancy and mentoring.

Our Books

The Concise Advice series was invented by Kevin Duncan and his publisher. It now contains over 50 books, 10 of them written by Kevin, Sarah and Rosie. Unlike most business books that are too long and padded out with too much material, these books take the full wisdom of wide-ranging business reading and reduces concepts down to their pithy minimum, typically on one spread. This allows the time-pressed executive to grasp ideas at speed and put them into practice straightaway.

The handy pocketbook format is ideal for training, note-taking and idea generation on the go. With their highly visual format and minimal copy, the books have a wide international appeal and have been translated into over 20 languages. Sales to date are around the 200,000 mark. Grab a hard copy, or a digital one, use them for team sessions, look at the training, or ask for an in-person session.

The ACES System®

The ACES System® is the culmination of reading and summarising over 500 business books (over 25 years), writing over 40 books including 10 best-selling and award-winning Concise Advice titles, and training over 20,000 people.

It’s an unique business skills typology, self-improvement and microlearning product – for individuals and companies.

The PLANET System®

How are your Sustainability efforts going?

We talk to many businesses, and a prevailing theme when it comes to sustainability (or ESG) is the gap between good intent (and formal policies) and actual execution. This is understandable because sustainability is easier said than done. The PLANET System® products, developed as the method behind The Sustainable Business Book, are designed to help you move to tangible action and make progress, wherever you are on your sustainability journey.

PLANET stands for: Panic, Learn, Agree, Navigate, Enact, Tell

Our online products are designed to help you work through the system and move from panicked promises to tangible change.

Our Signature Training









Our Business Library

The Expert Advice products represent over 60 years of business experience.

The engine that drives all the thinking is our Business Library: Greatest Hits – probably the world’s biggest free business library, which summarises over 450 books.

This has been a labour of love for 20 years. Over 20 million words read, with all the books summarized on one page. Categories span leadership, behavioural economics, ethical strategy, creativity, innovation and much more.