Early Career Mentoring

Expert guidance for those in the first decade of their career, job or role provided by Rosie Duncan. This is aimed at those in the first 10 years of their career. They are most likely to be:

  • New joiners who need a helping hand and outside guidance, providing an ear for any awkward questions and challenges whilst they get used to their new colleagues and remote ways of working.
  • Those with the ‘itch’. They are the talent that you want to keep and invest in, but they may be thinking of moving on.

Typically mentoring takes these three stages:

  1. Where are you now?
  2. Development & habit forming
  3. Progressing in your career

Board Mentoring

It can be lonely at the top, and the pressures are often great. There are often issues that the CEO or other senior executives need to consider outside of the boardroom. So it pays to have access to a senior professional who has run companies and departments before.

The frequency of interaction with a mentor can be whatever suits the individual – weekly, fortnightly, monthly, in person or over the phone or video.

The list of issues to discuss is effectively endless but could include the behaviour of a board or leadership team, pressure from other group companies, structural issues, personality clashes, client handling, growth demands, staff problems, personal dilemmas, and many more.

All of this is handled in a sensitive and highly confidential way, aiding a calmer perspective and greater clarity of direction.