Formal learning does not suit many modern businesses. This informal learning academy provides everything a smart business brain needs in eight engaging courses, based on best-selling and award-winning books from the Concise Advice Series.

  • Six subjects are now available, with more to follow.
  • Each course has five to seven modules (each of which can be purchased separately).
  • Each module has seven to 10 parts, with short videos guiding you through all the techniques.
  • Each module contains 30-40 minutes of footage, with support material, exercises and downloads.
  • The average course is 5-6 hours, so you can do the whole thing in a week or pace yourself over a longer time span.

This course teaches you everything you need to know about designing and writing strategies.

It takes you through seven strategic areas: commercial, brand, customer, sales, people, innovation and communication.

There are 50 approaches to help you in all these areas, complete with a smart strategy warning for every single one – the things you need to watch out for.

All in all, this a highly comprehensive package on strategy that you can use again and again throughout your working life.

This course teaches you everything you need to know about running brainstorms and generating ideas.

It takes you through how to prepare, how to invite the right people, and what techniques to use.

There are 60 approaches to generating ideas, developing them and understanding them.

It also guides you through judging them, enacting them, and explaining ad selling them to others.

All in all, this a highly comprehensive package on innovation and idea generation that you can use again and again throughout your working life.

This course interweaves narrative and visuals to create a helpful guide to sorting stuff out.

It takes you through all the important skills you need to be effective at work, and in life generally.

It covers thinking, doing, working, planning and prioritizing, through to presenting, selling, negotiating, and progressing in your career.

The result is a practical series of working practices and a large amount of wise advice based on over 250 visuals that anyone can use to work effectively.

This course provides fast provocations that you can use to stimulate any meeting or your own thinking on a range of topics.

It works on the principle that smart thinking doesn’t have to take long.

It contains 70 pieces of distilled wisdom in the form of sticky notes and a short anecdote. Read each piece of advice in one minute, or every idea in about an hour.

Growth, communication, innovation, creativity, relationships and thinking are all covered.

There is no long-winded theory or dense discussion – just fast ideas to set you thinking.

Inspire yourself and your business with some Smart Thinking.

This course takes a serious approach to a light-hearted topic.

It works through a series of examples of bullshit to explain their origin, their use and abuse, and how they can be replaced with alternatives that communicate better.

It starts by looking at the history of bullshit, why people do it, and how dangerous it can be.

Working through examples in different business contexts helps us to understand how to deal with bullshit.

The course finishes with advice on dealing with bullshitters, and techniques for removing it from your business.

This mini course is designed to give you an introduction to this complex topic. The full 5 module course will be available later in the year – including Protecting the Planet; Protecting Employees; Protecting Customers; and Ethical Marketing.

Content is adapted from the award-winning The Ethical Business Book.

The Ethical Business Book is a gateway to a fast-moving topic, which is why it has now been thoroughly updated with new material. It gets the reader started on all the important elements of ethical and sustainable business practice, but is deliberately concise, non-preachy and practical.

If you are a business owner or leader, it will provide you with the tools to make a difference. If you work for an organization that needs change, it will give you the ammunition you need to lobby the decision makers and present a compelling case for long-term sustainability.