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  • The Smart Thinking Book
  • The Smart Strategy Book
  • The Sustainable Business Book

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Here’s how The ACES SYSTEM® works:

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Some ACES System® Example Typologies:

You can convey ideas and information effectively and are well motivated to do it.

You care about developing business in a sustainable way and are good at getting done what needs to be done.

You consider the points of view of others before coming up with strong ideas.

You are naturally inclined to communicate effectively and don’t need to be persuaded to do it.

You are able to come up with ideas as well as understanding how to execute them efficiently.

You are a deep thinker who also pays attention to the views of others.

You approach strategy with pragmatism rather than an idealistic outlook.

You are good at identifying the simplest way to approach problems that require long-term solutions.

Sample ACES Material: