Sarah wrote The Ethical Business Book in 2019, drawing together ethical, moral and sustainable business best practice in one place, arguably for the first time. Its non- preachy tone was a success, and it received a Highly Commended Award at the Business Book Awards in 2020, leading to a thoroughly revised and updated second edition.

Out in 2023, The Sustainable Business Book is a collaboration between Sarah and Kevin. It takes the essence of modern responsible leadership principles and combines them powerfully with intelligent strategic approaches to create a unique system that can help any business improve its sustainability.

At its heart is The PLANET SYSTEM – a series of steps that can help businesses address sustainability issues comprehensively.

Step one involves an independent audit of ESG (Environmental Social Governance) activities and educational tools to learn more about what is needed. This is honest realisation followed by proper learning and information.

Step two involves strategic direction workshops. These include identifying obstacles to overcome and how to navigate around them.

Step three sets up action dashboards and monitoring tools to ensure that things really do get done.

Step four provides engagement strategy and frameworks to explain authentically and honestly all the initiatives that are underway and the progress that is being made.

The PLANET SYSTEM enables companies to look at short-term quick improvements, medium-term priorities (up to 2 years), and fully-committed sustainable and ethical business initiatives leading up the 2030 landmark year, crucial for all net zero strategies.

This is not an eco-war on commerce. Making a profit is not a bad thing, it’s how you make the profit and what you do with it that matters.

We advise how to make sustainability a genuine part of your business culture and day-to-day practice, not just a tick-box exercise (or race to be the ‘least bad’). In addition to The PLANET SYSTEM, we have a number of training products on sustainability. These include:

  • Board/senior management sustainability workshops
  • Stakeholder engagement workshops
  • Employee training and engagement programmes
  • Marketing with integrity workshop
  • Green recovery (Building Back Better) workshop
  • Sustainability essentials for SMEs