Confident Leadership

The Confident Leader

The Confident Leader needs to have a firm grip on three main areas: their own behaviour, their approach to their teams, and their clients. 

This course passes on vital thinking in all three areas from a diverse range of sources. Once we have raised all the issues, we draw up plans to implement them immediately.

Test driven on senior management teams.

Typical Running Order

10.00: YOU

• Understand yourself

• Set a good example

• Focus only on the things that really matter

11.00: YOUR TEAM

• Shape the team

• Give them a purpose and style

• Inspire them


• Provide proper air cover

• Say no politely

• Self-brief

Afternoon options

Option 1

2.00 – 4.00:

• Learning from the best books on leadership.

Option 2

2.00 – 5.00:

• Individual one on one 15-minute surgeries for up to 12 people.

Option 3

2.00 – 4.00:

• Application of individual, team and client learning to real cases.