Confident Leadership

This blended course challenges people to understand their responsibilities as a leader, looking particularly at growth, communication, innovation and their relationships with their teams, and their customers or clients.

As well as an acute awareness of how they come across to others, the confident leader needs to ensure that they behave in an ethical manner at all times.

Example Content


  • What am I like? Understand yourself
  • The Gatekeeper role
  • Setting a good example
  • Assertive listening


  • Relationships
  • Communication
  • Moral purpose and style
  • Why should anyone work for you?


  • Provide proper air cover
  • Say no politely
  • Self-brief


  • Authenticity
  • Ethical strategies
  • Overcoming resistors
  • Are you an ethical game changer?


A combination of smart thinking and an ethical approach is the basis of an appropriate modern leadership approach. There are many types of leader, so this course is highly flexible and can be pitched at any suitable level.


This course hugely improves leadership confidence and provides a suite of wide-ranging craft skills that can be put into action immediately.

Sample Source Material

There Is No Planet B – Mike Berners-Lee

WEconomy – Kielburger & Branson

Execution – Bossidy & Charan

The First Mile – Scott D. Anthony

“A fast, no bullshit shot in the arm for all of us who forget how simple business can be. Punchy + Bouncy = Refreshing.”

Chris Barez-Brown, Founder of Upping Your Elvis and author of Shine and Free!