Ethical Business

The Ethical Business Book provides a series of accessible, practical and easy-to-digest approaches that any executive in any role can apply immediately from a business or personal perspective. 

This workshop then dovetails with specific commercial and strategic thinking to encourage business growth by combining ethical approaches with strategies that capitalize on clients’ ethical and sustainability agendas. 

Sarah and Kevin can facilitate these workshops separately or together, depending on emphasis and existing skills in the company. 

Example Content


• Why should a business bother with ethics and sustainability?

• CSR has moved on

• If you’re going to change, change for good

• Defining a moral purpose (purpose = profit)

• The Triple Bottom Line

• Conscious consumerism + Maturing millennials


The Planet:

• There is no Planet B

• Understanding carbon footprints

• Take-Make-Waste vs Reduce-Reuse-Recycle

• Eco vs Ego warriors

• Overcoming resistors


• Why should anyone work here?

• Embracing diversity

• Social intrapreneurship


• Feeding customers’ passions

• Walking in customers’ shoes

• Loyalty vs commitment


• From manipulation to authenticity

• The new rules of ethical marketing

• Greenwashing

• Too little, too triumphant, too late?

• Pay it forward / Buy One Give One Free

• Storydoing and Datatelling