Ingenious Problem Solving

The Diagrams Book

Based on the best-selling The Diagrams Book. Already bought for translation in 12 countries, including Japan, China, Germany, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Russia, Portugal, and Spain. 50,000 copies sold. 

Top 3 in Germany and Korea.

This international best seller has been re-issued in a 5th anniversary edition with new material.

Ingenious presentation and pitch techniques that really work. Examines how to enhance verbal communication and solve any problem visually. 

Typical Running Order


I explain a series of visual techniques from The Diagrams Book, and how to apply them in a range of contexts.


Attendees apply them to their current projects.

Typical topics include:

1. Win a pitch 

2.Increase sales

3.Tell a story

4. Negotiate successfully

5. Design a strategy

6. Inspire staff

7. Shorten training time

8.Improve staff motivation

9.Improve your own motivation

10.Get stuff done

11.Judge ideas

12.Plan a project

13.Plan your year

14.Make a decision

15.Make sense of data

16. Organise a company

17. Analyse a client or customer relationship