Smart Problem Solving

The Diagrams Book is a best seller. Translated into 16 languages, it has been re-issued in a 5th anniversary edition with new material.

Combining verbal communication with the visual is a crucial business skill that can save thousands of hours of wasted work, increasing clarity and productivity. Here are the 60 best ways to do it.

Example Content


  • Strategy v. Tactics overview
  • The Market Map


  • The Priority Matrix
  • The Bar Code Day


  • The changing role of the team leader
  • Depersonalizing problems


  • The personal motivation triangle
  • The work/life balance diagram


  • The Whittling Wedge
  • The Bow Tie


  • The Bravery Scale
  • The Barriers to Purchase Axis


  • The IF Triangle
  • The Bargaining Arena


This content is an eye opener to many. Those who have been writing long-winded presentations for years suddenly see that one diagram can often encapsulate an entire strategy or proposal. It makes people think completely differently about how they approach their work.


This course reveals the power of the visual over the more common verbal. By mapping their thinking, attendees realise that they can save thousands of hours of time, whilst simultaneously improving the quality of their thinking.

Sample Source Material

The Long Tail – Chris Anderson

The Pirate Inside – Adam Morgan

The Ideal Team Player – Patrick Lencioni

The Art of Creative Thinking – John Adair

“I’m a big fan of visuals to help represent a point, so it really did the job”

Mat Sears, Head of PR and Corporate Communications, Everything Everywhere