Personal Awareness

The Excellence Book

This training offers attendees 50 Ways To Be Your Best.

The Excellence Book draws together 50 ingenious thoughts to improve your attitude, your approach to life and work, the questions you ask, the decisions you make, and even your timing.

It is both motivational for the individual, and effective for company productivity. 

Attitude, approach, timing, questions and decisions are all covered, with ten provocative thoughts in each area. 

Typical Running Order

In one format, attendees work through 25-30 provocations in the morning. Ideas are collected individually, and for the business. 

In the afternoon we turn them into action plans.

In another format, we work through all 50 provocations, all day, and attendees make their own resolutions as they go along.

This is a powerful way to stimulate teams in a fast-paced manner.

It can also be used as a shot in the arm or intervention in lengthy awaydays.

The Excellence Book is a life-affirming handbook to help you be the best you can be – whoever and wherever you are. It will lead to a significant change in approach at your company, better morale and motivation, and more dedicated staff.