Being Your Best Business Self

The Excellence Book is a very popular source of inspiration that offers 50 Ways To Be Your Best.

It draws together 50 ingenious thoughts to improve your attitude, your approach to life and work, the questions you ask, the decisions you make, and even your timing.

It is highly motivational for the individual, improving mental health and productivity. 

Example Content


  • Disenthrall yourself
  • You are what you do
  • Cultivate a feisty spirit


  • Effort creates opportunity
  • Keep the best, bin the rest
  • Try everything once


  • The future is behind you
  • Procrastination
  • Don’t waste a crisis


  • What’s it all for?
  • Would it help?
  • What is enough?


  • The unknown unknowns
  • No permission required
  • Strong opinions lightly held


At the heart of this training are the personal pledges that attendees are encouraged to make. Typically, they will all find 5-10 provocations that stimulate them to change their attitude or approach to life and work. Mental health has never been more important, and these suggestions can help.


This course is a reassuring and thoughtful guide to improving attitude, approach and decision-making. Communal bonding is a helpful side effect, as colleagues share their experiences and find that others experience similar challenges to them.

Sample Source Material

#Now – Max McKeown

Playing to Win – Lafley & Martin

The Decisive Moment – Jonah Lehrer

The Stupidity Paradox – Alvesson & Spicer

“A treasure trove of laser-bright insights.” 

Marty Neumeier, author of Zag and The Brand Gap