Smart Strategy

The Smart Strategy Book is a highly popular book, particularly amongst those who deal with strategy and planning. It covers seven of the most common strategic areas: commercial, brand, customer, sales, people, innovation, and communication. 

Most strategies are too long and boring. Far too many contain language that most of us can’t understand, which is why each suggestion contains a smart strategy warning – how not to do it.

This crucial strategic wisdom is drawn from researching over 400 business books.

Example Content


  • Strategy is choice
  • Think before you plan
  • Pursue principles, not money


  • Gap in the market vs. market in the gap
  • Change the problem
  • Messiness = unexpected links


  • The thinking/doing gap
  • Disloyal loyalists
  • Panic-free service recovery


  • Selling isn’t just for salespeople
  • Rational drowning
  • New business could be old business


  • The creativity + commerce crossroads
  • See your business as a service
  • Keep it frugal


The options offered are infinitely fertile for new and diverse strategic thought. Any of 50 strategic approaches can be discussed and tried on any type of business. There is always another way of approaching business problems, and this training provides 50 of them.


This course offers strategists, planners and business leaders a toolkit of perspectives on their work. Typical outcomes include new strategic angles that provide fresh impetus in any business context.

Sample Source Material

Business Genius – James Bannerman

Copy Copy Copy – Mark Earls

The Brand Gap – Marty Neumeier

We Are All Weird – Seth Godin

“Kevin has an uncanny ability to make the complex seem simple. This booked is packed with immediately useful advice.” 

Graeme Adams, Head of Media, BT Group