Smart Business Thinking

The Smart Thinking Book contains 60 bursts of distilled wisdom – each in the form of a provocative thought on a sticky note. Each thought can be read in a second, and the short form accompanying copy in less than one minute.

Growth, communication, innovation, creativity, relationships and thinking are covered, with ten provocative thoughts in each area. A UK best seller, the 5th Anniversary edition will be re-issued in 2021 with new, updated material.

Example Content


  • All plans are fiction
  • All models are wrong
  • Hit the target, miss the point


  • Be relentlessly curious
  • Progress not perfection
  • Act yourself into a new way of thinking


  • Destroy to create
  • Turn Ors into Ands
  • Quitting can be winning


  • ROI: Respect = Opinion + Inquiry
  • Ban the bull
  • Don’t assume people won’t understand


This training is modular. We can look at growth, communication, innovation, creativity, relationships and thinking on just one subject.  Or look at several subjects from one perspective only, for example innovation. 


This course is fast and thought-provoking. The sticky note format is a powerful way to stimulate teams in a fast-paced manner. The provocations are always highly productive.

Sample Source Material

Great By Choice – Collins & Hansen

To Sell Is Human – Daniel Pink

The Accidental Creative – Todd Henry

Where Good Ideas Come From – Steven Johnson

“When you want to take your mind for a sprint, pack The Smart Thinking Book as your protein bar.”

Richard Hytner, Deputy Chairman, Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide