Sustainable Business Strategy

The Sustainable Business Book is out in Spring 2023.

At its heart is The PLANET SYSTEM.

This can be viewed as a sequence of workshops, tools or stages that can help businesses address sustainability comprehensively.

Honest realisation comes first, then proper learning and information.

Agree your strategic direction and identify obstacles to overcome and how to navigate around them.

Get your plans done and explain honestly what you are doing.

Example Content


  • Confront the issues directly


  • Get properly informed


  • Choose your strategic direction


  • Overcome obstacles


  • Get stuff done


  • Communicate with integrity


This a complete package that enables a business to work out its path to a truly sustainable future.


A robust company strategy for facing the future and running the business in a responsible, successful way.

Sample Source Material

Net Positive – Polman & Winston
How To Save Our Planet – Maslin
Net Zero – Helm
What If Solving The Climate Crisis Is Simple? – Bowman